Authentically Connecting, Inspiring and Networking Over Coffee

Join us for a networking session in the most authentic, heart-centered way. Grab a coffee, bring some business cards and share your dreams and goals with us! We get to know each other and have meaningful conversation and the most beautiful connections are made in our gatherings. Our members believe in sharing, supporting, inspiring, motivating and growing. During our meeting brainstorm, support and lift each other up so that when you walk away from our group, you feel like you can take on the world.

Here you will be provided with a networking platform that’s unparalleled in scope, diversity, and opportunities to build new relationships with industry professionals from diversified backgrounds, as well as developing your professional knowledge, passing on your own industry insight, and securing a business spark that only networking can provide.

Kreative Konsultants is providing unparalleled networking opportunities for the participants and the session offers you the greatest opportunity yet to make those vital new connections throughout the industry.